Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Letter from Rufus & family

Hi to all at Wiccaweys,
Just like to update you all on how I'm getting on in my new home in Suffolk.  John & Pat took me home from Wiccaweys almost 6 weeks ago now and I settled in with them very easily.  On the first night I slept where they told me (I had the choice of a bed or just a rug and I alternate between the two) and never made a murmur all night, and have been the same ever since - sometimes I'm still curled up in my bed when they get up, especially on the morning when we get up earlier than the rest of the week.  This is the day I get a longer morning walk as we get a lift to the beach and walk home (about 4-5 miles) before Pat has to go to work.  Although they both go to work they make sure I get walks morning and evening as well as coming home to see me at lunchtime and sometimes one of them will finish work earlier than normal so I have extra time with them.  
For the first week they wouldn't let me off the lead, although they did get a very long one so that I could run about a bit.  However they trust me now and once we're away from the road I'm allowed off my lead to run around as much as I want, but I do keep looking back to make sure they are still there and if they think I'm too far ahead they call or whistle and I run straight back to them.  
I love playing ball and if they don't take one when we're out walking I usually find a stick, but they don't like me playing with them.  I have a favourite squeaky ball on the garden and every time I go out I want to play with it - if they don't play I sometimes dig a hole to put my ball in, then take it out again.  
I have a collie friend called Alfie who comes for walks with us at the moment as his "mum" has a poorly leg and can't walk very far.  I never walk by his house without going to see if he wants to come with us.  He too was a rescue dog and didn't have a very good start in life - he never plays ball and doesn't run around as much as I do and he certainly won't get his paws wet, not like me I have to go in the ditch for a "full immersion drink" or lay down in a muddy puddle!  I get on alright with most of the dogs I meet but the collie girl who lives next door doesn't like me very much (I think she's jealous because I live in her "second home"), but if she growls at me I mostly ignore her. 
I've sent some photos of us on the beach and on our woodland walk (with Alfie) and also some of me settled down having a cuddle - they say I'm too big to be a lap dog but hey you've got to try!!
Lots of love and collie kisses,

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