Monday, 8 March 2010

Letter from Ozzy & family

Hi Sarah & Paul

Ozzy seems to have settled in ok up to now, he refused point blank to go in to his crate last night but we left the door open so could go in if he chose to. We left him downstairs and of course, as you said, open came the door and there he stood.  I took him back in, settled him down and instead of closing the door I just pulled it to.  He didn`t open the door so after a minute I went back in and told him he was a good boy.   I did this a few times increasing the amount of time left and on the last time he just looked at me then climbed on the setee.
I went to bed and after about 20mins he came upstairs had a look round then went back downstairs. Next thing we know its morning and there is a great big dog on the bottom of the bed!!!!
This morning when I left him he barked a couple of times then it went quiet. Mum says when she got to ours, she let herself in and he plodded down the stairs and dropped his ball at her feet!
Thanks for everything you`ve done
PS Have to admit Paul and I both had a little cry for Blakie on the way home xx

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