Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Letter from (D)Ani-Ansell & family

Hi Paul and Sarah
Just a quick progress report on our gorgeous dog Dani (hope you don't mind - we just added a 'D'). He's doing so well - the cats seem to have got used to him being around and are now coming down to eat in the kitchen again whilst Dani and Jess look on salivating but not moving. He has the additional guest in the house of Smithy the sick bunny tonight but after initial introductions has completely ignored him.
He passed the interview with Doggy Day Care and their children with flying colours and will be having his first day visit on Friday with Jess. He was 'adorable' according to the dog groomer and sat 'as happy as Larry' having his bath, hair-dry and trim. His Grandma and Grandad and all our friends think he's wonderful.
We are working hard on teaching him some manners and he is doing better every day. He still bounces around like a bull in a china shop sometimes, but then he is a big two year old Collie. But he settles very quickly and is now very good at doing the 'sit and stay' whilst we answer the door, despite being egged on by Jess to creep forwards!
We have worked out that the one thing that he does respond a bit over-zealously to is people running past him or around him, which might explain some of the intial concerns about children. But he's never nasty, just boisterous and he'll learn very soon. 
Considering we've only had him for 2 weeks he's been a dream dog and we are now looking forward to our week off at the end of the month when we plan to start his training for off the lead. It will be great for him to be able to have a really good run around.
Will send some photographs very soon
Take Care
Deb and Gary

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