Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Letter from Pip and family

Hi Paul & Sarah
I attach some photos of Pip and her awards, together with copies of Page 28 & 29 of the latest agility voice, which I hope you can make sense off!
Pip and I have had an amazing year in agility. Pip was 2nd in the Agility Club awards in Large Grade 2 dogs, for which she won a lovely cut glass bowl, and we attended the presentation ceremony. Pip also won the Rescue League Large Grade 2 and was the top Wiccaweys dog overall. She received awards of 2 silver plated picture frames. We even managed to come 2nd in the Senior Agility League for my age group!
It has been a brilliant year that far exceeded my wildest dreams, a year which I doubt will be repeated, as Pip is now in Grade 3, and we are up against the experienced handlers introducing new dogs!
Pip has become a well loved part of the family, and loves nothing better than to sit on our laps whenever she gets the opportunity. She is thoroughly enjoying the snow!
Kind regards
Shirley Carton

Charlie & family

This is Charlie we got him in August 2010, he is such a laid back boy and is 
extremely sociable, he is with his friends who he walks with every day most of 
the time in chase mode! 


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Letter from Freda (now Summer)


We are now one year on and she is now definitely part of our family. She is still progressing, with us when we are alone with her she is like a normal cheeky collie, she steals the cat food, escapes upstairs through the closed sliding door when we are out and runs like a crazy thing around the garden or when chasing rabbits in the park. It's great that she doesn't feel she has to just follow us now. Her favorite things are pigs ears, the park, belly rubs and the allotment when it's quiet.

I attached some pictures below of our recent wander in wales.

Thanks, Nicky, Sarah and Summer.  xxx


Letter from Meggy & family

Hi Sarah & Paul,
We re-homed Meggy from you in January 2012 and thought you'd like to know how she is getting on.
She has had a bit of a year, she has had red mange which really got her down.  Unfortunately the vets weren't sure what it was for a while & put her on steroids which has led to her being overweight. She is also somewhat reluctant, to say the least, to go for walks but we have got to a stage now where she will consider going out for a walk if she must!
She is the funniest, cutest dog with the most bizarre ways but we absolutely love her & we feel she now loves us too.
Thank you for letting us have her she is lovely. I have attached a few photos for you to see her.
Val & Andy Norfolk


Letter from Haxie (now Emma) & family

Just to let you know that Emma is doing really well, one day I will work out how to send a 'photo.   She loves her home, garden and going out.  She is much braver, not nearly so creepy crawly although she still likes to roll over on her back for a stroke.   She has easily learnt how to come, stay sit etc. she is really keen to please.   She is still not too happy in the the car, but there is a definite improvement.  She has had her first outing in the Motor Home, and was really quite good in it, we took her to Frinton-on-sea for the day, she LOVED the beach.  I can't get her to play with a ball but I will persevere. She loves every person and dog that she meets and has been perfect with the Grandsons. 

Kind regards

Mary and Elliot Sutton

Letter from Molly & family

Hi Sarah & Paul,

Just wanted to let you both Know that Molly is doing great she as settled in really quick and is getting on just fine with Katie (the welsh border). We feel that she was meant to be here with us and all the kids love her dearly and she definitely likes all the attention. Katie is constantly playing with her and they obviously love each other a great deal.

I hope you can post this on your blog as an update. We will definitely see you in the new year and many thanks for all  what you are doing for these dogs you are very special people.

I have attached two Piccy's one at Christmas and one just before but all on the same sofa!!

Peaceful New Year!!

The Taylor Family, Katie & Molly xxx

Letter from Buddy & family


Buddy has been with us over a year now and is a fully integrated member of our home.  Naughty is his middle name, but in a nice way, gets in to his fair share of mischief with his partner in crime, our other Collie Flynn.
Our obedience trainers always remark on his incredible intelligence, saying he is the brightest dog they have come across, we tried him at Flyball, not his thing.  Then we started an Agility training course and he instantly took to it, after a few weeks he is training with the intermediate dogs.
His undoubted intelligence shines through as I have seen him focus and work obstacles out, he is a different dog and he slows himself down (a miracle in itself), concentrates and works through the course, I really feel I (as a total novice) am hodling him back.  Our club has a show in february and i think we will give him a go, he really loves it.
He is a very pretty boy and knows it, he has a band of admirers everywhere he goes.
Today was his introduction to snow and his little eyes nearly popped out with wonderment as we let him out in to our 6in covering this morning.  He really loved it and was bounding around "bunny" hopping in it, snow ploughing with his nose, he insisted on 3 long plays in it as I was unable to get out to go to work.  We have 2 very tired young Collies tonight!!
He is a complex little character and has some baggage from his short life before Wiccaweys but he is such a loving chap and has clearly opened his heart to us, sometimes he really needs a cuddle up on the sofa with us to reassure himself.

Attached are a couple of pics of him in the snow today, 18/1/13.


Imelda and David Gosling  

Letter from Blondie and family

Dear Sarah,
Poor Blondie is exhausted after having spent some considerable time investigating every bit of snow in Fletton. I attach a photo of her taking an afternoon nap to recover from her exertions.
We must thank you again for letting us have the joy of her company.
Peter & Andy