Saturday, 19 January 2013

Letter from Buddy & family


Buddy has been with us over a year now and is a fully integrated member of our home.  Naughty is his middle name, but in a nice way, gets in to his fair share of mischief with his partner in crime, our other Collie Flynn.
Our obedience trainers always remark on his incredible intelligence, saying he is the brightest dog they have come across, we tried him at Flyball, not his thing.  Then we started an Agility training course and he instantly took to it, after a few weeks he is training with the intermediate dogs.
His undoubted intelligence shines through as I have seen him focus and work obstacles out, he is a different dog and he slows himself down (a miracle in itself), concentrates and works through the course, I really feel I (as a total novice) am hodling him back.  Our club has a show in february and i think we will give him a go, he really loves it.
He is a very pretty boy and knows it, he has a band of admirers everywhere he goes.
Today was his introduction to snow and his little eyes nearly popped out with wonderment as we let him out in to our 6in covering this morning.  He really loved it and was bounding around "bunny" hopping in it, snow ploughing with his nose, he insisted on 3 long plays in it as I was unable to get out to go to work.  We have 2 very tired young Collies tonight!!
He is a complex little character and has some baggage from his short life before Wiccaweys but he is such a loving chap and has clearly opened his heart to us, sometimes he really needs a cuddle up on the sofa with us to reassure himself.

Attached are a couple of pics of him in the snow today, 18/1/13.


Imelda and David Gosling  

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