Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Letter from Pip and family

Hi Paul & Sarah
I attach some photos of Pip and her awards, together with copies of Page 28 & 29 of the latest agility voice, which I hope you can make sense off!
Pip and I have had an amazing year in agility. Pip was 2nd in the Agility Club awards in Large Grade 2 dogs, for which she won a lovely cut glass bowl, and we attended the presentation ceremony. Pip also won the Rescue League Large Grade 2 and was the top Wiccaweys dog overall. She received awards of 2 silver plated picture frames. We even managed to come 2nd in the Senior Agility League for my age group!
It has been a brilliant year that far exceeded my wildest dreams, a year which I doubt will be repeated, as Pip is now in Grade 3, and we are up against the experienced handlers introducing new dogs!
Pip has become a well loved part of the family, and loves nothing better than to sit on our laps whenever she gets the opportunity. She is thoroughly enjoying the snow!
Kind regards
Shirley Carton

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