Friday, 15 March 2013

Letter from Murphy & family

Hello Sarah and Paul
We hope you are both well, probably freezing, can't remember the last time it felt this cold.
Murphy is doing really well, he is an absolute treasure, don't know how anyone could have given him up.
He was great at the vets just after we left you to get his microchip and booster, and travelled really well. I had to get a mobile dog groomer in after a couple of days, he was a bit smelly which was really noticible indoors, poor love, it took us ages to get him upstairs to the bath, I don't think he had ever done stairs before, anyway that is done now and he won't be having that done again. If he needs another bath it can wait until the Summer and will be done in the garden. Murphy was very placid and quiet at first, he did not know how to play but was still very affectionate. Loves to lay his head on my knee and get his head scratched, will do that for hours. He was also frightened of traffic at first so quiet routes had to be used for his walks and traffic introduced slowly, he is now much better as he learns to trust us. He now loves his walks, needs them too since he loves his food so much.  He loves it when Stuart comes home from work, he now gets so excited to see him and when his lead gets picked up. (Will return that collar soon too). We had already bought a new collar, lead and bed for Murphy on the Saturday before we collected him, we had to go and buy bigger ones on the Monday since everything was too small for him.  We have not heard him bark yet, I was watching a video on line my friend in Italy had posted with all her noisy 24 dogs and Murphy threw back his head and started howling. He does have a voice. So all in all things are going really well, we are starting to see his personality now and he seems very happy and settled. Feels like he has always been here and we love him to bits.
Will update you again in the near future, until then hope things are going well at Wiccaweys.
Best regards
Pat and Stuart

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  1. Lovely, glad to see he is settling in well.
    Angela x