Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Update from Molly

Hi there,

Sorry we haven’t been in touch earlier but here, at last are some pictures of Molly at home and on holiday in Cornwall. She has settled in really well and has decided she’d like to stay with us.

Best wishes,Ian & Jaq

Update from Fynn & Indy

Hi Sarah and Paul. 
It was a year ago Fynn came to live with us in Bristol, how quickly that year has gone. Indy was already very much settled into our family life having adopted him in 2010, considering Indy was used to having all the attention he has accepted Fynn into his life and they get on very well. Fynn has been an absolute star. His confidence has grown enormously which is a delight to see. He has also been doing agility classes which he loves.
He is such a friendly boy and loves meeting dogs but is still a bit unsure around people he doesn't know. They are a wonderful pair and we regularly have comments from people saying what wonderful dogs they are. We are so lucky to have these amazing dogs in our lives and would like to thank you for making this possible. We love them very much. 
Wishing you a very happy Christmas. 
Best wishes,
Kevin, Sara, Indy & Fynn

Update from Rocky

Hi Wiccaweys,

We have had Rocky for almost 8 months now and we love him so much!
He already has my parents wrapped around his paw and has settled in nicely to his routine of a couple of walks a day, treats and milk at bed time. He is a very energetic boy who loves his food and will do ANYTHING for a bit of grub, even cooked veg and has already learnt some tricks and some more basic commands.
He was a little reserved at first and took a bit of time to get to know us, he is still a little unsure of cuddles but now puts up with it and gives in - i think he may have realised that cuddles can be quite nice! He was also food possessive but slowly over time that has deteriated too!

Recently he has enjoyed long walks around the Oxfordshire countryside, loves swimming in rivers and even went to Bournemouth beach where he had his own ice cream! His favourite thing to do though is go exploring through the woods, chasing all the smells and getting a good run. He has already settled in so well into our family and we are looking forward to many more years with him!

Thanks again and we will stay in touch,

Helen & Rocky  x