Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Letter from Doc (now Ralph) & family

Hi we adopted Ralph 4 years ago from you he was called Doc then. He has been great source of pleasure, with buckets loads of love to share.
I have been ill for last 2 and a half years and when i have been bed bound he has been on bottom of bed keeping watch!
Attached is his favourite summer past time


Monday, 28 June 2010

Letter from Betsy (now Tess) & family

I thought that now Betsy, or Tess as she is now called has settled in extremely well. House training proved to be a doddle (so far) with only one real mistake on her part. On two other occasions she showed her intelligence by peeing outside the downstairs toilet while I was in there. She soon cottoned on to the fact that this was not welcome!
She is extremely good both on the lead and off and proving to be quite a social creature with both dogs and humans. She has already decided that she is the leader of our local walking group. We are told that she has already gained quite a fan base in the village.
We still have to heave her into the car. we are hoping that, when she realises that nice things happen at the end of car journeys, this will be less of a problem.
Anyway, so far so good. Thanks for such a beautiful and affectionate new friend Here are a couple of shots out walking.
Robin and Elaine 


Letter from Kerry & family

Hi Sarah and Paul,

Just thought i'd email you and let you know how Kerry's first day went. She has settled down at Jill's very well and is getting on with her 2 dogs. She will be meeting our labrador a bit later. She slept well last night without any worries and my mum and I were rewarded with a special Kerry smile when we went over to see her today.

My Gran will be taking Kerry back to Frinton on Wednesday.

Will send a picture once she has settled in at her new home by the sea.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Letter from Mischa & family

Hi  Sarah and Paul

Just a quick note to update you on Mischa - can't believe I've had her nearly a year!

What a change - she is such a little smasher and quite beautiful.  She is also very forceful with lots more confidence and sooo affectionate - she adores being cuddled and doesn't stray very far from me at all.

She now sits happily outside the stable in the yard with Meggy my other BC whilst I muck out and doesn't blink an eye when the farmer or his wife ride past on their bikes - this is such a big step forward for her - it was all so very scary and until quite recently, she would hide inside the tack room too scared to come out.  She loves lolling on the sofa but is always ready for a walk - these past few weeks have been lovely when we go up to the horses at around 5.30 over the back fields.  Such a change from the harsh winter we have endured - although she loved the snow!

I have enclosed a couple of pics for you and would just like to say a big thank you for the work you did with her, and for letting me have her. 

Love from Sue and MischaX

PS - We will see you at your show later in the year!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Letter from Peggy & Jasper & family

Hello everyone!

Peggy and Jasper are doing very well in their home.  The vets helped them get over their cough in no time at all, and we can't believe how well they've come on!

Both Peggy and Jasper have put on a lot of weight, and how tall Jasper has grown!  He looks like a colt with his long legs - he is as tall as Peggy now, but with a longer tail!   Their coats are lovely, shiny and soft as silk too, having plenty of space to roam and lots of walkies.

Jasper has finally learnt how to be a puppy and cannot stop playing!   Peggy does well to tolerate him and has become quite a puppy herself enjoying a good game of wrestling!
They both remain almost inseparable, sleeping together and keeping within eye sight of each other.   They have both become quite cheeky too, getting paws on any food or chewable things when possible!

Jasper still can be a bit of a scaredy-cat at times with crowds and unusual things like bikes, but he's becoming a Lion slowly but surely!

Peggy is a cuddle monster, and still as creepy-collie as ever - although she's not keen on being smothered she will do anything for a pet and will quite happily sit on Jasper if he's getting the attention and not her!

Here are just a few of the many photo's we have already taken of them both!
We will keep you updated and send more photo's later with how big Jasper is growing.

Lots of love
Peggy, Jasper and the Hayne Family

Letter from Jess & family

Hi Paul and Sarah

Just to let you know Jess is settling in well.

Her first day in the office went well and she has made lots of new friends and a fair few people wanted to pick her up and take her home.

Big buses are not overly popular but she is pretty good with any other traffic.

This evening she had her first trip to the vets who has micro chipped her. She is currently snoozing on her new bed and seems to be settling in well and starting to play with her new toys.

Best wishes.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Letter from Boris (now Laddie) & family

Hi Sarah and Paul

Just a quick update on our beautiful Laddie (Boris as was).

We can't believe it’s only 4 weeks ago tomorrow since we came over to meet you all and left with Laddie looking out of the car window wondering what on earth was happening!

Well he has fitted in really well and we can't imagine our family without him. After a few' handbags at dawn' Bo-Bo (our existing BC) and Laddie are now fine together and our elderly Jack Russell accepted him from day one. He has settled into family life really well, sleeps in his crate and is very clean. The 3 of them are fine to be left and Laddie has claimed one of the sofas as his own. He is quite fascinated by Monica our 12 year old cat and does like to go on 'cat watching duty' but she gives him the odd cuff if he gets too close.

Thank you for your advice re his tendency to be a bit aggressive towards some of the dogs he meets in the park. We have worked really hard on this and he is already much better- he has made friends with a group of dogs (and their owners) who we meet up with most mornings. We did find out last week that he has BC attitude towards cyclists who get to close (!) but then footpaths are meant to be for pedestrians after all!

Hope you like the picture and thank you so much once again. We are hoping to do the walk in Peterborough next week end.

Love Lynn and Paul xxx