Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Letter from Boris (now Laddie) & family

Hi Sarah and Paul

Just a quick update on our beautiful Laddie (Boris as was).

We can't believe it’s only 4 weeks ago tomorrow since we came over to meet you all and left with Laddie looking out of the car window wondering what on earth was happening!

Well he has fitted in really well and we can't imagine our family without him. After a few' handbags at dawn' Bo-Bo (our existing BC) and Laddie are now fine together and our elderly Jack Russell accepted him from day one. He has settled into family life really well, sleeps in his crate and is very clean. The 3 of them are fine to be left and Laddie has claimed one of the sofas as his own. He is quite fascinated by Monica our 12 year old cat and does like to go on 'cat watching duty' but she gives him the odd cuff if he gets too close.

Thank you for your advice re his tendency to be a bit aggressive towards some of the dogs he meets in the park. We have worked really hard on this and he is already much better- he has made friends with a group of dogs (and their owners) who we meet up with most mornings. We did find out last week that he has BC attitude towards cyclists who get to close (!) but then footpaths are meant to be for pedestrians after all!

Hope you like the picture and thank you so much once again. We are hoping to do the walk in Peterborough next week end.

Love Lynn and Paul xxx

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