Thursday, 3 June 2010

Letter from Peggy & Jasper & family

Hello everyone!

Peggy and Jasper are doing very well in their home.  The vets helped them get over their cough in no time at all, and we can't believe how well they've come on!

Both Peggy and Jasper have put on a lot of weight, and how tall Jasper has grown!  He looks like a colt with his long legs - he is as tall as Peggy now, but with a longer tail!   Their coats are lovely, shiny and soft as silk too, having plenty of space to roam and lots of walkies.

Jasper has finally learnt how to be a puppy and cannot stop playing!   Peggy does well to tolerate him and has become quite a puppy herself enjoying a good game of wrestling!
They both remain almost inseparable, sleeping together and keeping within eye sight of each other.   They have both become quite cheeky too, getting paws on any food or chewable things when possible!

Jasper still can be a bit of a scaredy-cat at times with crowds and unusual things like bikes, but he's becoming a Lion slowly but surely!

Peggy is a cuddle monster, and still as creepy-collie as ever - although she's not keen on being smothered she will do anything for a pet and will quite happily sit on Jasper if he's getting the attention and not her!

Here are just a few of the many photo's we have already taken of them both!
We will keep you updated and send more photo's later with how big Jasper is growing.

Lots of love
Peggy, Jasper and the Hayne Family

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