Monday, 28 June 2010

Letter from Betsy (now Tess) & family

I thought that now Betsy, or Tess as she is now called has settled in extremely well. House training proved to be a doddle (so far) with only one real mistake on her part. On two other occasions she showed her intelligence by peeing outside the downstairs toilet while I was in there. She soon cottoned on to the fact that this was not welcome!
She is extremely good both on the lead and off and proving to be quite a social creature with both dogs and humans. She has already decided that she is the leader of our local walking group. We are told that she has already gained quite a fan base in the village.
We still have to heave her into the car. we are hoping that, when she realises that nice things happen at the end of car journeys, this will be less of a problem.
Anyway, so far so good. Thanks for such a beautiful and affectionate new friend Here are a couple of shots out walking.
Robin and Elaine 


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