Friday, 15 March 2013

Letter from Jeff (now Wolfie) & family

Dear Sarah and Paul and all my friends at Wiccaweys,

I thought I'd let you know how I'm getting on, and have enclosed a few photographs and even a video clip (yes, I'm a film star now). Mum says I'm "gurt lush", which dad says he thinks means something nice in Bristolian, although he's not quite sure what. I'm enjoying my new life so far and have had lots of new experiences and adventures, including a day out on the beach at somewhere they call "Sunny Hunny".  We walked for miles along the sand, and I saw the sea but I didn't want to go in as it looked a bit scary and was also very cold. 

My new mummy and daddy are trying not to spoil me but find it hard to resist my charms. In return, I'm happy to oblige when they ask me to "sit" or "down" or "settle", and I've even been nice to their cat, Widget, despite her giving me the evils and punching me on the nose a couple of times for taking liberties.  I didn't like the wood fire at first, but now I know it's not going to hurt me. I don't even mind the noisy bird scarers, even though they are quite close to the house. It's nice living on the village green, with plenty to see from the window, and I've already made friends with some of the neighbours, especially Mr Tan Rose the Butcher.

I'm now answering to the name of Wolfie, after somebody called Citizen Smith, which was my new dad's idea (he was not too keen on the name Jeff because mum had an ex boyfriend of that name!). I don't mind  as I'm a bit of a rebel myself, and I don't really care what they call me, if there's a treat attached.  I picked it up very quickly after being called Jeff-Wolf for a couple of days. I have a lovely new red collar with pirates on and a tag with my new phone number and postcode, and I think I look very cool indeed. Mum is returning my old collar to you by post, with a couple of sweaters for medium sized dogs who might need them, although I won't be wearing one as (a) I have my own coat thank you and (b) I'd be too embarrassed.

I was on my best behaviour for the first couple of days, and I've been very clean and quiet in the house, and haven't whimpered at all at night. I did pull mum over yesterday, when she was teaching me recall on a long lead, and hurt her shoulder quite badly, but she wasn't cross with me at all and said it was her fault for not thinking it through. I'm pushing my luck a bit now, just to see how far I can go, but I know when I'm breaking the rules because mum says "No!" and turns her back on me and ignores me, which I hate! However, I have behaved beautifully when out and about, and even sat patiently in the dog-friendly cafe at the seaside whilst mum and dad had a toastie and a coffee each, and when the lady in the cafe offered me a biscuit I took it gently and didn't snatch, which impressed dad a lot. He was also impressed when I didn't eat his car whilst they went into Tesco on Sunday, and mum was pleased that I didn't wee up anything whilst we trailed round Pets At Home to buy me some dinners. I have lots of new toys, including a rubber bone, a rubber stick, a ball on a rope, a Kong and a funny ball with holes in (which are often full of treats which keeps me busy) and a cuddly dog toy, but I prefer Widget's toy mouse, which smells catty.

Mum gave me a bath, as she said I was a bit smelly (cheek!) and I didn't mind at all, and I really enjoyed the towelling down after. I'm getting used to being brushed and mum says she'll introduce me to some toothpaste soon, which she says tastes like chicken.

We're off for another walk right now, this time along the river to the Wash (not another bath, I hope) and tomorrow if it's nice we might go to Sheringham where I hear there's another dog-friendly cafe with a beach. There's never a dull moment here!

Mum says she will keep me updated with all your news, until I learn to read, and we will come and visit you soon and perhaps take a couple of my old friends out for a walk. I will write again soon.

Lots of love from Wolfie xxx

PS: Are all nice dads called Paul?

PPS: Widget says thank you for the pentacle charm which mum has fixed to a lovely collar with reflective cats eyes, which Widget wears when she comes with us on our bedtime walkies.


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  1. Oh, how wonderful to see Wolfie settling in so well. Saw him leave that day with you 2 lovely people - thank you for this heart-warming update.
    (see you in a rally field?)