Saturday, 19 January 2013

Letter from Haxie (now Emma) & family

Just to let you know that Emma is doing really well, one day I will work out how to send a 'photo.   She loves her home, garden and going out.  She is much braver, not nearly so creepy crawly although she still likes to roll over on her back for a stroke.   She has easily learnt how to come, stay sit etc. she is really keen to please.   She is still not too happy in the the car, but there is a definite improvement.  She has had her first outing in the Motor Home, and was really quite good in it, we took her to Frinton-on-sea for the day, she LOVED the beach.  I can't get her to play with a ball but I will persevere. She loves every person and dog that she meets and has been perfect with the Grandsons. 

Kind regards

Mary and Elliot Sutton

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