Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Letter from Dino (Dingle at Wiccs) & family

Hi There,
Just an update on
Dino's progress.   He is coming on in leaps and bounds,literally.  He now has a glossy coat and wet nose and is putting on weight.  He loves chasing and playing with his tennis and rubber balls and he is brilliant when off the lead.
He is so intelligent and responds immediately to his name.  He also seems to remember Sharon when I take him for Training.  Everyone says he's a lovely dog and so like
Rudolph apart from rarely barking, which is probably a good thing, as he barked at everybody!
He seems so happy and shows his affectation by licking you to death!  
We are so grateful
to you for finding  such a perfect match as he gives us so much happiness.
Best Regards,
Chris and Jenny      

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