Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Letter from Rory & family

I thought I'd drop you this photo of Rory who obviously believes he's a human. He spends most of his lazy time viewing the world upside down waiting for a tummy rub. Our world would be a poorer place without our Rory boy.

The comical thing about the photo is that he’s fast asleep (do all Border Collie’s sleep on their back??). Rory always makes a game of getting to my place on the sofa before me and looking really pleased with himself when he gets there first which generally means leaping over the arm as I’m walking around. 

The lovely thing is that while we don’t restrict him around the house and he pretty much does what he likes (he’s probably lying on our bed at the minute but he’ll wander down shortly to say hello and put his head on my knee as I work), he’s not the least bit precocious and does whatever you ask of him and he’s a real favourite around the village – everybody knows Rory. 

He’s quite vocal and has this brilliant Scooby Doo voice when he wants something which always makes me and Brenda laugh (Brenda is teaching him to sing which generally means that she barks and he copies – funny but very noisy).

I’ve said this before and I’ve no idea what made you think that he was the boy for us but he’s enriched our lives so much and we’ll be forever grateful to you both, the only downside is that Brenda calls him Buttercup which is not a great nickname for him but he doesn’t seem to mind.

Anyway – I need to get some work done now before he reminds me to take him out for a walk at lunch time. Take care and have a great day.

Hope things are well with you both.
Alan (and Rory

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