Monday, 6 December 2010

Letter from Toby & family

Hello Sarah and Paul, I’ve been in my new home for a week now and I’m having a lovely time. I have a nice bed to sleep in and like to be tickled in it too, and when I don’t want to go in that I have a nice big chair in the window that I can sit on and bark at the dogs outside, they can’t see me its great!

I’ve been having lots of cuddles especially in the mornings as when I get up, I get to go up some stairs and have cuddles on my new mummy and daddy’s big bed and its really exciting!  I had a shower last week, I wasn’t too sure about it at first but it wasn’t too bad, I got lots of biscuits afterwards and loved being rubbed with the towels. My mummy keeps sniffing me and telling me I smell gorgeous too!

I’ve been learning to play and I’m getting really good at it now, I chase a big blue donut in the field and every time I bring it back to mummy or daddy I get a treat.  I love running around in the fields and there are lots of new smells here.  We’ve had some snow which I love to sniff but it gets up my nose and makes me sneeze – mummy thinks it’s really funny.
I like to watch my mummy in the kitchen cos if I sit nicely I sometimes get some nice new food to try.  My mummy keeps trying to take pictures of me and I’m getting much better at posing now she says. Thank-you for looking after me so well and finding me a new mummy and daddy to live with, I think they really like me – woof woof


Heres an update for you and some pictures.  Toby is finding his personality now and learning quite quickly.  He is so clean we have not had one accident at all. He is a delight I can’t believe he wasn’t snapped up earlier.  He is very much a part of the family already and we love him to bits J

Sue Benson

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