Friday, 17 December 2010

Letter from Hardy, Kerry, Little Meg & family

Hi there Paul and Sarah, Bob Rayner here. wanted to send you an update on Hardy and Kerry and Little Meg.
We love Hardy so much, he is the greatest cuddle addict ive met yet, he seems pretty happy and goes bonkers when its walkies time. He enjoys bombing around after the others and especially likes going to a place we go to called Hudnall Common, its a huge beautiful open space surrounded by forest, I have to tell you, watching him running flat out with no fear of hitting stuff is a heart warming sight! He does seem to get frustrated sometimes trying to keep up with the others and can get a bit grumpy when he goes on the lead but we have been persevering and he is getting better. He is still funny with other dogs but i have been teaching him to sit with me when they go past, he seems to respond well to this and is improving.
Our other two wiccs dogs are a delight to live with, Kerry (was prue) is the queen and rules the pack, neither sam nor Hardy will mess with her and little meg (was lucy) is attached to her by an invisible cord Wherever kerry goes meg goes. You will remember the terrified little stink bag we brought home that wouldnt come out of her crate for 3 weeks? Well she is now a very cheeky gorgeous ball of madness, ive never seen a dog so happy to wake up every morning, WHOOPIE another day!!!.
Unfortunately poor Sam has had some epilepsy attacks recently, the most recent being quite severe, we are hoping that he will be better with treatment from the vets, he is such a beautiful dog and so intelligent, we got him from the border collie trust two years ago and he had been left with them cos he,d had a seizure and his  owners didnt like it so they dumped him. Since he's been with us hed never had one in nearly 2 years (without any medication).
Anyway, hope you have a lovely christmas and new year, sorry we did,nt make it to the last event but i had to work. (got to feed all these furry bodies).
best wishes. Bob and Mandy. Kerry, Sam, Megan fox and HARDY.

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