Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Letter from Bonnie & Mum

Hi Sarah and Paul
I sent you an email a while ago with some photos of Bonnie but something went wrong and you were unable to access them so i am going to try again as we have some nice ones of her in the snow (although im sure youve had lots of snow pics already!)
We had another wiccaweys pup come training on Thursday evening her name is Audrey, including Bonnie thats the 3rd one ive met, nothing compared to the volume you rehome but it amazes me how much of a small world it really is!
Anyway Bonnie is still doing very well, she had a few threats that santa wouldnt come if she ate the christmas tree whilst i was assembling it but now up shes left it alone. She has been thorougly spoilt with pressies from everyone at the vets where i work as well.
Anyway have a gd xmas and new year
Helen Kibble and Bonnie

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