Sunday, 15 January 2012

Letter from George & Mum

Dear Sarah and Paul. 

Just wanted you to know how George is doing so far, we chose to rename him Jazz as he responded to it and I preferred it to George. He travelled home beautifully and seems quite content to just relax in the boot of the car, he loves his travel crate and we use it when visiting my parents, Tia and Fly to give him somewhere safe to hide. He is extremely nervous and loud noises and people walking behind him on his walks scare him, I think with a bit of time his confidence will improve and this will get easier for him.

We haven't had a moments problem with him and Tia and Fly, the only time Tia has snapped at him has been when he got too close to her bed. We expected this and it hasn't caused a problem. In fact we are all astonished at how well he has been accepted by Tia, and we are incredibly proud of how well she has done. On his walks he does growl at any other dog (except Tia and Fly!) however I think he will get past this in time, he has no confidence yet and I think his nerves get the better of him.

The other day we were visiting my parents and my brother came in, as Jazz wasn't expecting anyone to come through the door he flipped out and barked and snapped at him, again I believe this will get better in time I think he hates surprises and doesn't like to feel crowded. If you have any ideas on how we can manage this I would love to hear them. At the moment we are using his travel crate so he has somewhere he feels safe. It has taken over a year to get Tia to the point where she is OK with strange men, so I can't see it being a problem with time, patience and love. His intense dislike of the Vet may take longer!

Please let his old family know that he is happy and loved. I've attached a couple of photos of him relaxing on the sofa, he snores and makes some very funny noises when he is sleeping. He has already started to put on a bit of weight and I have found that he is a cuddle monster!

I hope that all the other dogs that you have find new homes soon, they were all so lovely, And thank you so much for spending so much time with us to make sure we got the right dog.

Sam and Jazz.


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