Friday, 6 January 2012

Letter from Robin & family

Dear Sarah and Paul,
David and I adopted Robin from Wiccaweys about a year ago. He's settled here very well (i.e., is now running the household while seeming to be terribly obedient). He's still after 'my' sheepskin rug, even though he's been given one of his own...Also he's much admired as he loves people, so I tell everyone he's from Wiccs and encourage them to get in touch with you if they are hoping to adopt a collie (hope they make the
grade). Sarah noted Robin had two white mischief spots on his back end and he's lived up to them-best achievement so far eating the top off a rhubarb crumble without touching the rhubarb (luckily with no ill effects-we lock everything up now ...). We hardly need to use the hoover as he's very thorough ...

He's got his Gold Good Citizens award, and is doing heelwork to music
(came top of the class in his progress test), obedience Gold Plus and agility at UpnOver Club at Upper Heyford, and had a flyball taster that he loved. We're so grateful to have had the opportunity to adopt him!  Thank you so much.

It's been great following the progress of all the dogs (especially those
with you at the same time as Robin) and seeing them get good homes-especially little Chip, as he was. One day I hope to get up and help with the walking and bring Robin back to see everyone, but it may have to wait till spring ...!
I promise  a fuller letter and pics very soon- but this is just to say, if you need a home-checker in the Oxford area, I'd love to help.
Happy New Year and good luck with your work!

Kathleen Daly

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