Friday, 30 December 2011

Letter from Coonagh (now Swift) & family

Hello Swift here.  Well I have finally got my Personal Assistant (Mum) to send you some recent photos.  I have been here 18 months now and am thrilled to bits with my new owners.  It seems like a long time ago that I arrived here looking like an Irish tramp.  Now I am handsome and sleek.  Mam brushes me every day.  I lie on my side with my eyes shut when she brushes me.  Mam says I am a big soft lump!!!  I have a friend Henry who I meet most days in the woods and we tear around together.  Dad says I can't half shift for a dog who had two broken legs!  'Swift' seems a strange choice of name for a dog who had both back legs broken, but for some reason it never occcured to them at the time!  It was not meant to be ironic!  Hope you like the photos.  We see that little George still has not found a home.  Mam adores him!  love and licks Swifty xxx


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