Thursday, 12 January 2012

Letter from Patch (now Moss) & family


Please see attached letter with regards to Patch who we adopted from you a few months ago.  We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for making the adoption process so straightforward and taking so much time and care to ensure that we adopted the right dog. 

Best regards,

Hilary, Ken and Emma

Dear Paul and Sarah,
It has been a few months now since we adopted “Patch” (who has now been renamed “Moss”) and we just wanted to update you on his progress and send you some photographs.  Moss has coped exceptionally well with the transition from Wiccaweys life to his new life in Lancashire from the moment we put him in the car to come home!  He has taken to life with us like a duck to water, staying in the office with Ken during the day and investigating lots of new places on his walks in the evenings.  His training is coming on in leaps and bounds (sometimes more literally than we would like!), he runs off the long line now, fetches, does his doggy business on command and has even started doing some basic agility in the fields at home.  His adopted brother Max has accepted Moss as part of the family, and the pair is regularly together play fighting or playing ball (although it has to be said that Moss does have an unfair advantage over Max, given that he can actually see the ball!)  Max has even tried to impart some of his (minimal!) herding knowledge onto Moss, although neither of them quite have the finesse of a working sheepdog! 
Hopefully the following photographs will be able to tell you more about his happy new life than I ever could!
Kind Regards,
Hilary, Ken, Emma, Max and Moss J

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