Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Update from Diesel (now Danny)

Danny is doing really well - he has a lovely nature, is full of curiosity and only occasionally gets carried away and does some barking. He sticks close to Wag during walks, and they get on well, with a bit of play fighting. He has been  off the lead on the beach this week and he is good at coming back - he loves running after a stick or ball (Wag looks very bored at this behaviour) He is friendly with people, and only occaionally pulls on the lead now. The next big step will be more meetings with other dogs, and a trip to the vet next week.  I will try to attach a photo Christine took the other day of a bit of play on the kitchen floor! They both got into the same dog bed at one point this week.
He is a great addition to the family.
all the best
Andrew and Christine 

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