Thursday, 13 January 2011

Letter from Millie (now Tess) & family

Hi Sarah and Paul,
Just thought I'd give you an update on Tess (ex-Millie) who we adopted in late October. She's now coming up to 6 months and is a real delight. She is a happy pup in every sense.
You described her as a 'thinker' and we can really see this is a good description. There is a delayed reaction to much of what she does. Best example is her meals where most dogs would dive into their bowl; she will just have a look from a few yards away, sometimes for up to 2 or 3 minutes then drifts towards it and usually then gently scoffs the lot. She eats well and has grown a lot, longer rather than taller. She has settled down very well on the CSJ adult food and only occasionally has a bit of runny tum. Even the wind seems less frequent! She sleeps well at night and is now sometimes getting through the night without poo or pee. Still has the occasional accident during the day but not a lot.
She talks a lot (some would say whine, but to us its talking). Although occasionally it may be due to something that she's unsure of, its more often just that she is just very verbal, including lying upside down in her bed playing with a toy and just wants to say something.
She travels well in the car although doesn't rush to get in! She always comes back on recall when out for a walk, although not first time when there's the distraction of other dogs near. She will still tend to rush them to play, which we're trying to sort out. Loves other people, again a bit 'jumpy' which we're working on.
She's a bit slow on the training, not because she's not intelligent, quite the opposite, but seems to be linked to the 'thinking' bit. 'Yes, I know what you're are saying and I'll do it when I've had a quick think about it'.
She still tries to play with/pester the cats although is slowly getting less boisterous with them.
Overall she's a delight and doesn't display a harmful thought in her head.
Best wishes for 2011.
John and Jill.

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