Thursday, 13 January 2011

Letter from Joey & family

Hi Sarah and Paul .

Joey has certainly made himself at home as you will see by the attached photo .

Max is not sure and hes like a child making sure joey knows he was here first , had a couple of little spats but it is max being possessive of us and his toys but i am confident they will be fine i think he was the right choice, bit concerned with his eating he had a bad tummy last night so had a few surprises waiting for me this morning .he has just had some mashed potato and some bio yogurt today hope its better by tomorrow or he really will be skin and bone, hes got no meat on him at all . 

i don't use crates so 3 times we woke in the night to find him lying between us even though there was a guard at the bottom of the stairs he found a way past it..

him and max could spend hours on guard duty with the parakeets in the garden ,

i think already Max is hes hero and Max thinks hes the pesky little brother following him around.

Joey loves the grandchildren and i think him and Max are going to benefit each other well.

please tell julia we were sorry not to see her on the way out but we will visit again . 

we were so chuffed Mick was able to see Max they are lovely people and obviously thought the world of him . 

now i have to work at getting some weight on Joey and some off of Max hopefully next time we come they wont look like Laurel and Hardy. 

regards Ann oram and Jo

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