Thursday, 13 January 2011

Letter from Harvey & family

Hi Sarah & Paul
Just a quick email to let you know Harvey is continuing to improve and settling well he has found his own way up and down the stairs without always needing me as an escort, though he does look for permission to go and welcome other members of the family on their return to the house. He continues to sleep well at night and pleased us yesterday by barking briefly at the door quite confidently and stopped when reassured by me.
Katie adores him and they sleep on either one of their beds in my office swapping around when is suits them! They are happy out on walks together and today have been in the garden together happy to give each other space. She would be delighted to have a tumble play but he has told her gently he is not ready yet! She keeps hoping!
He did have an upset tum on Monday a lot of which I contributed to the stress of coming here but this calmed quickly and we will be weaning him over to the Chudleys original mix in the next few days
We are working on the car herding which he does do but hope this will improve with training. Any ideas gratefully received as getting his attention at the moment outside is difficult and he is not keen on many treats, I am not wanting to upset his tummy but someone has suggested cooking up some sausages which I may try later?
Thank you once again
Best regards
Mandy & Steve Bishop & Harvey

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