Monday, 2 September 2013

Letter from Clifford (now Georgie) & family

Hi Sarah & Paul
Thank you for our very pleasant visit yesterday, and also thank you for the gift of the new addition to our family, 'Clifford', now renamed Georgie.

Georgie travelled back with us really well, and has acquainted himself with his new home and garden. He has taken to resting outside under the trailer - obviously feels very safe there, and watches everything we do from there. He comes out when he feels like it to say hello and have a love. At other times he comes out to have a a mad play session with Rosie, which is lovely to see. His tail is right up now. As expected Georgie is very suspicious and often reticent when we try to approach him, but we feel confident that he will learn to trust given time. Georgie certainly loves his food, and is very eager for his portions. As I write this, he has just come in from outside, sat in front of me and intimated that he wanted a love. He likes his face and tummy rubbed best of all.

Rosie and Georgie are getting on really well together, and it is obvious that this has been a good match. We are really delighted.

Thank you once again, and be assured that we will continue to give you periodic bulletins.

With our very best wishes to you both, and all at Wiccaweys
Heather & Jonathan

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