Monday, 2 September 2013

Letter from Bob & family

Hi Sarah & Paul
Thought it was about time we sent you some pics of Bob who has now been with us for nearly 2 years!
He has blossomed into the most loving boy he even accepts my kisses & cuddles & pretends he doesn't like it but paws me for more, hes a confident boy now & great off the lead & travels well in the car now so he can go to new places & try to catch more squirrels!
We look at Bob & think how long it has taken to gain his trust & for him to be a happy waggy tail boy who loves playing ball although he still wont give it back!  We're really pleased that all of our hard work has paid off & Bob can enjoy being a loved spoiled dog which he  rightly deserves.
Jackie, Mark, Jamie & Bob. xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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