Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Letter from Tigger

Hello everyone. My name is Tigger and I have been with my forever people for three years now. I still live in Norfolk with my people and my best friend Katie (who is a rescued border collie cross). She used to be my boss but now we are much more equal. My people say I am much more confident now. I am still an active bearded collie (at least that is what my vet says I am). I love chasing and bringing back balls and my Barry person plays this with me every day on our walks. I also love tug of war with a rope with Katie. I am much bigger than her, but she is very strong, so I don’t always win. I have lots of friends in the village. Last week we passed a lady who was here on holiday and as I passed her she said “I’m dog jealous. He’s gorgeous”! I was walking on air all the way back home. I spend most of the evening with my Ann person. She makes cards and I love curling up in a corner and watching her. For some reason I love small places. I often curl up in the corner under the table in the kitchen or under the clothes dryer. One day I was found in my toy basket, which should have been impossible but somehow I managed it! Every four weeks me and Katie have a pamper morning. We go to see a groomer lady and I love being bathed, cut and blow-dried. Sometimes I fall asleep because it is so nice. I always have a ‘puppy-cut’, otherwise my hair would grow down to my toes. My people said I would look lovely, but I would get tangled and dirty unless I was brushed a couple of times every day. I think I look lovely anyway. To prove it I am sending you a photo of me and Katie after we’d been running around a lot. Licks and cuddles, Tigger (Tiggy, Tiggy-woof)

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