Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Update from Zippy

Hi Sarah & Paul
Hope you are both well & had a good Christmas.
Just an update to let you know how Zippy is getting on.
Cant believe its been over four years since we adopted him from you....where has the time gone!
Well, he still lives for his agility, im sure he would do it all day every day if i would let him, hes always 'ready, ready,ready'! He does get a little over excited at times and 'takes his own line', his results really are 'all or nothing', but that's fine by me, as long as hes having fun. He is obsessed with water and should have webbed feet! Swimming is his second passion in life to agility, third, frisby, fourth tennis ball, fifth football....i could go on and on....anything really that expends a lot of energy including going horse riding and cycling (hes very clever but doesn't actually ride the horse or the bike....he runs along behind *:) happy )  When hes not on the go, hes actually the most lazy dog in the house, all he wants to do is curl up on the sofa and sleep.......hes a perfect dog and we wouldn't change him for anything.
Take care of yourselves and all your four legged friends
Love from Sharon, Craig & Zippy  xxx

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