Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Letter from Freddie, Izzy & family

Hi Paul and Sarah

Thanks for the time you gave us on Monday last week. We actually came up to walk a dog or two as a day out and a treat for our Sarah and, of course, Izzy our adoptee of six months. However, true to form, Paul brought out a dog that stole our hearts.

Freddie is such a lovely gentle dog that we can’t imagine why anyone would let him go, except that he is a bit of an escape artist (due to lack of training we think). He has decided that he will allow Izzy to be the boss and she started off as very bossy but has now mellowed towards Freddie as the attached photo of them together shows.

We took Freddie to the vet to be micro chipped and to check out a foot injury that we didn’t notice until we got him home. He has finished a course of antibiotics and the wound has healed nicely. We also found an L-shaped scar on his back that was about six inches by four inches, hidden under his fur. He must have been in the wars in his previous life.

He is now settled in nicely and (we think) he knows he is here to stay. He walks perfectly on the lead and Izzy has remarkably begun to follow his example. We are looking forward to seeing them run together when Freddie masters being off the lead in a week or two. Even our cat, Blues, seems to have accepted her new situation of being outnumbered by dogs.

Thanks again for giving us two such fantastic dogs – we will keep you informed of their progress. We hope you like the photos – I know you didn’t have time to take one of Freddie before we adopted him.

 Kind regards to both of you

Linda, Colin and Sarah & Izzy and Freddie


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