Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Letter from Spot (was Scottie at Wiccs) & family

Hi Paul and Sarah,
I have now been in my new forever home for a fortnight and thought I would write to you and share some of my experiences so far.  Mum and Dad decided they couldn't call a Border Collie 'Scottie Dog', so I became 'Spottie', and now just answer to 'Spot', which works really well 'cos of the multi-coloured spots on my legs.
When we left Wiccaweys we came straight home - I was very tired, found a nice spot to call my own and have settled into my new life like it was an old and comfortable slipper. 
Mum takes me out for a walk every day - we go to some lovely places - Morkery Wood, George Henry new Wood, the Meadow and River Walk, The Quarry Walk, the Yew Tree Walk and the Old Railway.  At first I had to walk on the lead, but as I was a good boy Mum let me off when it was safe - I didn't venture very far and Mum says my recall is excellent - I even came straight back after spotting some deer.  We are working on some other stuff too and I am learning fast.  My favourite game at the moment is when Mum throws a ball - she has a ball thrower which means it goes a long, long way.  I have a real giggle sometimes though - when I take my eye off the ball and don't know where it has gone, Mum has to fetch it herself ........ she is SOOOO SLOW compared to me!!
Mum says we have lots of other exciting places to visit yet including Bourne Wood, Stretton Wood, Exton Park, The Golf Club and Rutland Water ..... I can't wait!  What a fantastic life - I have enclosed some photographs for you to see.
The other day we went to see a lady called a Vet.  She was very nice and checked me ALL over.  At the end she gave me a jab - Mum explained to me that it was a Rabies Injection which means I will get a pet passport in 6 months and be able to go on holiday to France with Mum and Dad later this year (hope they take my good side for the photograph).  They have a cottage in Brittany which is surrounded by forest walks and Mum says we will be moving to France eventually - Hope I can speak the language.  Don't worry - I will still write.  
Dad  says I am like Paul's Tardis.  I appear to be a sleek and toned border collie on the outside ....... but inside I have the heart, stomach (and bowels) of a Great Dane!!!
I think it must be fate that the first home you found for me didn't work out as I couldn't be more contented now - I have lots of new toys including 'Smiley Face' - we can't work out who has the biggest grin  ........ 'Smiley Face', me, or my Mum & Dad!  
Well, I had better go, but will write again.  Thank you for giving me so many happy memories of my stay with you and please pass on my thanks to those lovely dog walkers who took me and my friends out every now and again.
Love, Waggs and Collie Kisses to all,
Spot   xxx 


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