Thursday, 18 February 2010

Letter from Jaspar (Little Timmy at Wiccs) & family

Morning Sarah and Paul,
Just thought i would let you know how well Jaspar is doing. We changed his name as we thought Jaspar was a cheeky name just like him.  He is absolutley fantastic, and has settled in so well.   
Myrtle loves him, and they play really well together.   Jaspar wont go any where without Myrtle, and follows her every where apart from up stairs as his legs are too little!   She is being big sis, and is learning to play too as we dont think she knew how to play with other dogs and needed a respectful dog to learn.

Rosie walks him which she really enjoys as it means that she can help us walk the dogs, there is a special bond betwen Rosie and Jaspar which is great to see.

He loves watching 101 Dalmations although we cant actually hear the film as he talks to the dogs!

We can't thank you enough for all your help, I am recommending you to anyone that is looking to adopt, as you have been fantastic.   We have adopted cats and dogs from other rescue organisations but your procedure is definatley the best.
Linzi, Rick and Rosie-Bea

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