Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Letter from Bonnie & family

Hi Sarah & Paul,

Just to let you know that Bonnie is settling in extremely well.  She is so gentle and highly, highly intelligent, we have already taught her a few commands and she has picked them up immediately.  She uses the same part of the garden to go to the toilet (furthest away from the house!) - what a good girl.  Her favourite two tricks are drinking out of the water fountain in the pond and pinching everyone's slippers when they are not looking! 

She has won over Grandma too, who is keen to puppy-sit!  and had a social visit from the vet, who is coming to micro-chip and vaccinate her on tuesday (been fully briefed about Nellie's reaction). 

She loves the boys to bits and sat by the front door crying when they went out to play yesterday.  

Thank you so much for letting her come to live with us, she is absolutely adorable and has really brought something special into our lives.  

I am attaching a couple of pics of her in the garden yesterday and will definitely keep in touch, we are going west on hols during October half-term so shall bring her in to visit you if it is convenient.  Will send the collar back in a week or two when she has grown into the new one. 

Love from,

Anne, Vic, Scott, Ross & Bonnie XXX

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