Monday, 9 August 2010

Letter from Paddy & Ruby, & family

Hi Paul and Sarah,

Hope everything is well at Wiccaweys.

Thought you’d like an update on Paddy and Ruby.

They settled in immediately – like they’d always been here.

Ruby is now getting a little tummy, but she’s very preoccupied with the chickens and ducks and “works” all day at the pen! We are slowly teaching her to have fun and not to have to work all day long, as we’d like to be able to loose the chickens out to range again. Her eyes are no longer crossing as she slowly unwinds from her ordeals.

Paddy is a fabulous pup – growing bigger as each day goes by. He’s a happy chap and is fazed by absolutely nothing! He’s made lots of new friends with dogs and people alike in the neighbourhood and is loved by all.

The pack is very comfortable together and we love having them as part of our family, albeit we are getting up quite early as we have visiting foxes that waken Paddy at about 5.30 and he feels he needs to join in their barking – LOL!

We’ll keep you posted with progress reports.

Love Ian, Shelley and the rups.

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