Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Letter from Rosie & family

Dear Paul and Sarah

Thank you for the invitation to the dog show next Sunday. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend because I am going away with “my people” to the Yorkshire Dales for the weekend. We are staying in a place called Grassington and “my people” tell me that there are lots of lovely walks around there.

I am enjoying my new home now that I have settled in. It was strange at first because I had been used to being outside all the time and living indoors was new to me. Anyway there are lots of walks around my new home and I meet lots of other dogs when I go out early in the mornings and I have a good chase around with them. I like being with dogs better than humans but “my people” say I am getting better at meeting other people now.

I am enclosing a photo of me just in case you have forgotten what I look like.

Love from “my people” and me

Rosie Sutcliffe

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