Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Letter from Mickey Stone & family

Dear Sarah and Paul
Mickey Stone thanks you for your kind invitation to the dog show. he would love to come but he is still on his extended summer holiday in France and won't be back in time.
Mickey - now called Ranulf and very proud indeed of his new name- is having a wonderful time at our Frech house where he can do what he does best which is run and run and run and run.  His French woof is coming on a treat.  And he loves being spoken to by French people and has endeared himself to everyone - he's so friendly.
Ranulf settled in really well when we brought him home at the beginning of this the year.  He thought his new brothers were great, especially Vicq to whom he is nearest in age - and spent the whole time tumbling and play fighting and dragging Vicq in and out of rooms by his ruff.  He also loves Epping forest - there's so much to chase. We think he's got a touch of the sight hound in him as he does like to pursue rather than round up.  I'm please to say however that he is good with farm animals - your Wiccaweys regime clearly works well. 
He soon put on some weight although we had a bit of a backward step as he got bad skitters for a while, but it was a chance to take him to the vet and he was good a gold.  The problem was quickly solved and he is a good weight now.  Boy can that dog eat, but he's so energetic that it soon burns off.  If it wasn't for our other dogs he'd be exhausting.  As it is we all take turns to amuse him!
We started taking him to obedience classes at once and it wasn't long before he was promoted. He's a quick learner but he has a very busy mind and you've got to keep him focussed.  He can be a bit of a devil with other dogs sometimes in class- some dogs he just doesn't like. But there is no malice in him at all.
He's a very affectionate boy, loves his cuddles and can be quite jealous.  It's quite amusing to see them all try to push eachother out the way to get closest for a cuddle.
So all in all he will definitely do!  He's a cracking boy and we can't imagine what it was like without him.  So thanks a million, and very good luck and weather for the show.
Mary Boddy

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