Friday, 13 August 2010

Letter from Tor (now Seamus) & family

Hi All,
Just to let you know how Tor (who is now Seamus) is settling in. He travelled back very well on Tuesday, sleeping most of the way as Eleanor said he would. He is a very good boy and 'asks' at the door when he needs to 'go'. He loves to be in the garden, he is fascinated with the chickens and will spend ages watching them in their pen. We have taken him on a couple of walks with big brother Max, he was very excited to watch Max swimming in the pool and got his toes wet at the brook, but it was more fun to watch Max splashing about from the side. We are finding all sorts in his bed that he has 'borrowed' to play with including assorted shoes, socks and tea towels from the kitchen! 
Seamus is the most sweetest loving dog, he follows me everywhere (he has even mastered the stairs, something that took Max a couple of weeks!')  he loves his cuddles and when tired prefers to fall asleep snuggled up on your lap. We are going to the seaside in Wales next week, we will let you know what he thinks of the beach and the mountains!
All Our Love
Seamus and Family

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