Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Letter from Maisie & family

Hi Sarah & Paul

Just to let you know that I am ok and having fun in my new home!
It is all a bit of an adventure at the moment with lots of exploring.
My mum and dad have discovered that nothing is safe with me about as I like to rearrange and chew everything as the pictures demonstrate!

Having great fun with my new doggy buddies,  Penny is really sweet but gives me a wide berth as she finds me too excitable and FAST!, but when I am tired and quiet she doesn’t mind me curling up near her for company.  Rani – I know Mum & Dad were worried how I would get along with her as she can be a bit grumpy and feisty at times, but it didn’t take me long to win her over and I now have her eating out of the palm of my hand.    Not only am I a pretty pup but confident with it and I soon told her that I wasn’t taking any agro! We are now the best of friends and playing together well.   

Can’t wait for my next injections and finally being allowed out into the big wide world, Mum and Dad have to carry me at the moment which makes the walks a bit boring – there is a whole world waiting for me to explore and I just can’t wait!

Crazy Maisie


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  1. I love the third "butter wouldn't melt in my mouth" picture! You're very lucky - I follow the Wiccs site and very nearly made a bid for Maisie myself - but having just recently taken on a 4 month old Labrador to keep my 13 year old Collie company, my courage - and that of my now thoroughly chewed garden - didn't quite stretch that far! I'm sure Maisie will bring you many years of joy. I know my Collie has!