Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Letter from Poppet (now Pip) & family

I thought it was about time I gave a progress report on Pip (Poppet at Wiccaweys) as it is almost a year since she came to live with us, and what a year its been!
Pip settled almost immediately, choosing to sleep on her bed under the stairs. From day one, she has never disturbed us at night, but waited until we got up - whether it be 6.30 am or 9.00 am. She is good when we leave her, the neighbours say they never hear her, and she has never chewed anything up. 
At first she used to lunge at cars as they passed (we have managed to get her to stop doing this), and wanted to get in any car with the boot open! I was able to let her off the lead within days, although I had a fright in the first week, when she ran off, and I thought I was going to have to ring Paul and Sarah to say I'd lost her already!   We searched everywhere for her, then I remembered her fixation with cars, and, sure enough, she had found her way to the car park, and was just about to be taken home by another kind lady!   She now has an identity tag with my 'phone number on!
We had only had her 10 days when we visited our son in Scotland. She loved the beach, especially chasing the sea gulls! Since then we have visited our daughter in West Yorkshire. She has a Spollie and 2 border collies. The Spollie did not like Pip at first, and she told her off a few times, but they now keep a respectful distance from each other. Pip has also visited the Lake District and Ireland, when she coped very well with the 4 hour ferry crossing.
She has made friends with several of the dogs we meet while out walking, and their owners (especially the ones who give her a treat!).
She has just passed her Kennel Club bronze good citizen award, and has started agility training. I have registered her with the Kennel Club and her Kennel Club name is Wiccaweys Poppet!
She has been an absolute pleasure to have around, and I am very grateful to Paul and Sarah for allowing me to have her. Even my husband, who took some persuading to allow me to have another dog (our last one died 15 years ago) wouldn't be without her now.
Shirley, Peter and Pip

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