Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Letter from Scrunchie & family

Hi Gary and Alison here, Scrunchies’ new parents.

As you can see by the first pics he has settled in OK. We found out what you meant about his escape skills. He was on top of the microwave trying to open our kitchen window. He is now crated when we go out until we can trust him. He gets very frighten at corridors and doors if there is anybody in the way. He also seems to forget who we are in the mornings and goes through the getting to know stages every day. Hopefully this will wear off in time. He won’t go for a wee or Pooh unless he is on the lead, Is this something you know of?

Don’t forget I would like to join your forum and I will stay in touch with more details of Scrunchie and how he is doing.

Gary and Alison Long 

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