Friday, 16 July 2010

Letter from Max (now Jack) & family

Hi there,

Please find attached as promised a few pictures of Jack (formerly Max) it was quite hard to pick just a few as I fancy myself as the next David Bailey and have taken so many that poor Jack must feel like an A list celeb - as you can see, it already seems like he has been here forever! 

He has completed a fortnight as an office dog already and takes it all in his stride, he has more visitors to our office than I do and very much impressed everyone when he manned the out gate with me at one of the posh FEI Endurance Races that the company organises last Sunday, we are even having this part of the venue re-designed to give him his own spot for the last one of the season, so that his adoring fans can congregate without holding up proceedings for the competitors! 

When Sheikh Mohammed left his quad bike unattended we did encourage him to climb aboard to pose for photographs and again Jack was eager to oblige especially as it earnt him extra cuddles  and even managed to look like he owned it.  

Yesterday he went to the seaside and he rather liked the beach as well although we do need to work on his theory that everyone will love to have their ears licked!!

Thank you again for such a perfect pairing
Take Care
Shirley, Jack, Skippy, Max  & Wilma

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