Monday, 11 April 2011

Letter from Swinkle (now Sam) and family

Dear Paul and Sarah,
     Just a quick message to let you know that we arrived home safely via your vets, Sam (the chosen name) was very good, but not too keen on the microchip.  He  was very well behaved in the car and when we made a comfort stop at the services, but was unforftunately very sick towards the very end of the journey, it was understandable as it was hot and quite long after such an eventful day. He has been for a couple of walks but has not done a wee or poo, he has had his tea and after playing with his new toys is asleep peacefully at my feet.  The pavement on the lane at the bottom of our road is quite narrow, and he was very interested in the passing cars, he did not bark or offer to chase them but sat still and watched avidly  everyone that passed. I would value your advice on the best way to deal with this so that it does not become and issue. My son has lent us a large pen, one he uses for his lab and beagle when caravanning so there will be plenty of room for his snooze tonight.
     Many thanks to you both for your help today, I am convinced now that you offered me the right dog and I have made the right choice, despite the fact that I came for an older bitch!!  I am looking forward to long walks with him which I have missed over the last few years since Skye became to old to enjoy them.  I will keep you posted with our progress and would value your help with the cars.  
Many thanks 
Anne Edwards

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