Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Letter from Mandy & family

Dear Paul and Sarah

Mandy continues to settle down really well and is becoming very obedient in that we have let her off the lead in wide open spaces away from traffic because experience has shown us that she will come back when called [perhaps it’s the treats!].

There are a couple of minor issues we are dealing with; she is more confident now and tends to jump up [mainly at us] whenever we put our coat or shoes on. We try to ignore her until she stops & turns away & tell her to sit & gently ask her to stay down – have you any other suggestions? The other is that she has a sit down strike if she doesn’t want to go in a particular direction for a walk. We tend to coax her on or if she isn’t persuadable, choose another route, pick her up and carry her a short distance – there is no problem if she gets her way to go in the back of the car – but we don’t want this to be her decision. Again any other suggestions, should we ring to discuss?

Our granddaughter met Mandy this weekend and the two of them got on really well together. Mandy was willing to let Jessica put her lead on and dry her muddy feet after her walk without protest. Very pleasing.  

We have arranged to go to training classes starting in June (earlier one full). We don’t have any new pictures ready as yet but will send some as soon as we do


Tony and Stephanie & Mandy

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