Monday, 11 April 2011

Letter from Billy & family

Hi Sarah and all,

We adopted Billy from you many years ago...and it was the best thing we
ever did!  He is my best friend -  daily running partner, kids buddy and
such a good boy.  He is always getting complimented on how well behaved
he is (tho' i then point out that this is the result of many hours
commitment to training him rather than something that just magically

If i feel like skiving a running session ever Bill wont let he
is good motivation!

I have often heard people say that collies are not good to have around
children as they will 'nip'..I guess that these are probably people who
do not realise what a highly intelligent dog collies are and that their
energy and intelligence needs to be channelled if they don't want them
to round up their children out of boredom!

It occurred to me that it may  be good to offer my help to your
organisation if it was ever needed.

We live (still) in Swindon in Wiltshire so if ever you need a home
checker for this area please do feel free to contact me .  I do work,
but could always spare a couple of hours if that would be helpful

Keep up the Good work!

Rachel Cook

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