Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Letter from Max (Bubbles at Wiccs) & family

Well, what can we say apart from he is a STAR with a lovely nature!!!!!

We left you and decided to get some lunch, so we headed for a pub with a garden, thinking probably one of us would eat whilst the other looked after the Max - not a bit of it, we found a table got him some water, he sat by the side of us, when another dog came along he sat calmly, whilst the other dog a small lab cross, also a rescue went nuts.  Max just looked and wagged his tail.  

We ate lunch, he looked as the food arrived but then lay down.  The journey home was eventful will talk more about that in a while.  Got home introduced him to the meadow and took him for a long walk he headed towards the river so we think he may be a swimmer ;-), we passed several dogs a couple of cyclists passed us, he took an interest but that was it.  

We brought him home he had a look around at his meal christened the garden. We settled him and went to bed 10.30 or so, he tried a few times to come up the stairs, but as soon as we said no and pointed down he turned and went down again.  

Got up about 6.00 normal time - he was sitting on his bed no mess nothing .... let him out in the garden he needed to go poor boy but had waited.  Breakfast he waits calmly to be fed if he jumps up we say no and he stops.  

Mark took him on a lovely long walk (not sure if we should feed then walk or other way around) he was so friendly with other dogs and their walkers.  Then Mark had an appointment, so Max was left for an hour and bit on his own.  Mark returned Max was on his bed with his pheasant (stuffed not real ;-) ) and the post was laying the door mat untouched no mess nothing how fantastic is that!   Max walked calmly to the door to greet Mark and then they went out into the garden and played.   Max is so good we can't get over it, plays like a puppy but when play is over he settles and snoozes. 

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