Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Letter from Sophie & family

Hi Sarah and Paul

Attached are three pictures of Sophie relaxing. She is cuddled up in her bed with ‘her’ cat – a kitten from the RSPCA called Lily that we adopted last summer, and then in one of the cats beds - but she’s a bit too big! Also a rather sad image of her waiting for her Dad – who obviously went out without her (not allowed).  The photos are a little grainy, as we have to catch her unawares with our mobile cameras, as if you point a proper camera at her, she either runs away, or drops her tail and looks really depressed; she hates having her photo taken!

As you can see she’s put on some weight (but not too much) but she’s very happy, and still rather silly.   

I often look on the website, and continue to be amazed by the many beautiful animals that you rescue just before they are PTS.  I can’t believe that so many of them are unwanted – and it all seems so unfair.  If ever I talk to someone who wants a dog, I urge them to consider a rescued animal, as the love and affection that we get from Sophie is truly second to none. 

All the very best.

Lots of Love
Julie and Austin Rutley (and Phoebe (daughter) Sophie and the cats Tia, Sky, Toby and Lily) 

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