Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Letter from Ollie (was Teddy at Wiccs) & family

Hi Paul and Sarah,

Teddy is now called Ollie.  He has settled in really well.  We took him to Haversham near the river on monday, he loved it . Ollie loves people and expects everyone to play with him.   He has loads of toys which we got for him, but at the moment he wants to play with jakes toys.   Toilet wise, well he has been great .  As soon as we open the door in the morning he goes straight out and does his buisness. WHAT A GREAT CHAP HE IS.   He keeps taking my potatoes out of the sack and playing with them.  Maybe i should call him Spud.   First night sleeping he was crying alot , but last two nights he has slept great.   He has got a Winnie the Pooh toy which was my daughters, but now Ollie has inherited it.    Once he has been fed and walked then he has his sleeps.   Has met a few other dogs and gets on well with them. 

Best wishes to you both, I will keep you informed of his progress.
Bye to you both,

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