Sunday, 4 April 2010

Letter from Todd (Cooper at Wiccs) & family

Hi Sarah and Paul

It’s 2 years since we brought Todd aka Cooper home with us on a snowy Easter weekend. I just wanted to let you know what a gorgeous dog he now is and how much he has become part of our family. As Paul summed him up at the time, he really is a laid back, gentle dog - with only a very few manic collie tendencies!   He also is very much the ‘follower’ that Paul predicted. He has grown into quite a big collie with a strong love of rabbiting in the fields. But that little bit of Labrador in him means he spends much of his time up to his neck in water (of any colour) given the chance – and that his stomach rules his life in a way that it doesn’t with most collies!!!!

We love him to bits. Thank you for letting us look after him.

Keep up with all the good work – we look at your website regularly and think you do a wonderful job.

Best wishes and Happy Easter

Melanie, Andrew, Julia and Robert Craze

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